Leak Detection & Repair

The highest level of regulatory compliance and quality assurance through Leak Detection and Repair Solutions.

The AEM Quality and Training Department establishes, tracks and achieves performance and quality milestones. The department interprets and adapts with changing LDAR regulations, along with evolving LDAR inventory technologies being developed to enhance the quality and productivity of field data collection activities.


Our Analytical department can supply you with the research you need. We can cover all aspects of regulatory driven sampling and can provide highly trained/certified personnel, procedures, and equipment necessary. Our services include:

  • Covering all aspects of regulatory driven sampling
  • Providing highly trained/certified personnel
  • Developing procedures– LDAR Program Management, BWON Program Management
  • Providing necessary equipment
  • Analyzer Training/Repair
  • Providing analytical support for many chemical processes:
    • Railcar sampling
    • HRVOC
    • Greenhouse Gas Sampling

LDAR Compliance/Technical

  • Gasfind IR Camera Monitoring
  • Greenhouse gas sampling
  • P&ID Management/Highlighting
  • Third-Party Audits
  • Consent Decree Negotiations
  • Gap Analysis
  • HSE Professional Transition
  • Emission Inventory Reporting
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • LDAR Emission Inventory Reporting
  • LDAR Regulatory Compliance


  • Air compliance Inventory and Tagging
  • LDAR Program Management
  • BWON Program Management
  • Fence Line Sampling
  • HRVOC Sampling
  • Acoustic Monitoring
  • Appendix P Sampling (Cooling Tower Water)
  • Turnaround Support / Project Management
  • Carbon Canister Monitoring

Quality Programs

The Quality and Training Department is responsible for developing, implementing and ensuring the use of tools and procedures along with quality control/ quality assurance measures needed to achieve established customer expectations. The Quality and Training department interacts extensively with key customer personal and nested AEM team members on multiple projects simultaneously.

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